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Date : December 20, 2011
Reform and Opportunity Rather Than Mourning
Contrary to television news released by the North Korean authorities to the world, the general population of North Korea has hope for reform and opportunity after the death of Kim Jong Il.
A source from Shinuiju said to Open Radio for North Korea on the 20th, December, “Many of my acquaintances probably are delighted to hear of his death, and I am as well.”
According to the source, this is because people expected that reform and opening might be achieved quickly after Kim Jong Il’s death. They believe that they are the only way to get through the latest difficulties, but the existence of Kim Jong Il had previously blocked that path.
However, North Korean people cannot openly share and discuss these thoughts with each other. In fact, since Kim’s death the authorities have enacted a restriction on meetings of over five people.
The Shinuiju source explained, “As soon as the news was released yesterday, the provincial committee of the Party ordered each enterprise, People’s Committee, and People’s Unit not to meet with each other, except for mourning events.”
The authorities declared the mourning period until the funeral of Kim on the 29th as a special guard period, and instructed managers of party organizations to keep their wards on the alert. In addition, agents of the National Security Agency and People’s Safety Ministry watch the people to ensure against the circulation of groundless rumors and this situation arouses a warlike atmosphere, the source stated.

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