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Date : November 15, 2013
Amusement Park Alienates the NK People
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/amusementpark-11082013092232.html [886]
Radio Free Asia reported that many North Korean people turn away from the Hoiryung amusement park which was launched by the North Korean authorities for the anniversary of the National Establishment Day. The fee is reported to be expensive while even basic things like electricity are not being provided during dark time of the day.
According to a source, Chosun Central Broadcast has largely advertized the Hoiryung amusement park. However, there are not many things that adults can enjoy, especially since the entrance fee is said to be expensive.
The source emphasized that people need to pay 1,000 North Korean won to borrow roller skates but for this fee there aren’t any safety helmet or knee pads provided. If North Koreans want to use the basketball and volleyball courts in the Hoiryung amusement park they are expected to pay 5,000 North Korean won. 

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