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Date : November 13, 2013
Students Suffer from Construction of Pool
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The North Korean authorities opened a large-scale pool, the ‘Munsoo Swimming Pool,’ on the 15th of October. Meanwhile, the authorities also ordered construction of a swimming pool in the provincial city.
The source in Yangkang Province said on the 4th in a phone interview with Open Radio for North Korea, “The authorities ordered that construction of public swimming pools in main cities be completed by this year. Not only have general citizens of Hyesan been mobilized in the construction, but young students as well.”
The source explained, “Right now, the collection of sand, pebbles, and stones in the construction site, which is tens of thousands of square meters, is going on. Housewives and elementary school students are carrying stones by pail and backpack.”
The source added, “Each household must collect more than 1 ton of stones, so all family members, including children and elderly people, have been mobilized and are collecting stones in the mountains. Here, cave-ins are happening frequently. Meanwhile, the number of ‘stone sellers’, who carry the stones and then sell them, is increasing.”
The source reported that many North Korean people are complaining, by saying, “How many people will enjoy swimming in that weird swimming pool? Because of useless construction, young students are suffering.”
On the 16th of last month, after North Korea constructed a large-scale swimming pool in Munsoo Park in Pyongyang in 9 months by mobilizing soldiers in the military, the authorities began propagating it as Kim Jong Eun’s achievement.
At that time, the Rodong Shinmun propagated Kim Jong Eun’s visit to the construction site and the swimming pool as a ‘modern amusement park with water slide, outdoor and indoor pools, various sports facilities, and accommodations.’ 
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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