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Date : November 8, 2013
International Medical Aid on the Black Market
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/privatemarket-11012013104700.html [659]
Radio Free Asia reported that medicine that the international society sent to North Korea is circulating on the North Korean black market at a cheap price.
A source for Radio Free Asia reported that the North Korean people are calling the medicine that is circulating on the black market “UN medicine”. However, this medicine is sold at a cheaper price than the price that the aid group paid for it. That’s because aid groups sent that medicine free of charge, so vendors on the black market put a rough-estimate price on it. Also, the source emphasized that these aid groups sent this medicine to the North Korean people, but actually high officials or high class people received the benefits from it, and some of these people distributed the rest of the medicine onto the black market.
Some people, who are leaders in aid to North Korea, criticized a large-scale medical aid to North Korea, which was reported by the media, as ultimately aiding the North Korean regime, since the general population rarely receives the benefits from the medicine. Therefore, they emphasized that quietly giving medical aid to the North Korean people is more effective, although it has to be done on a smaller scale.

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