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Date : October 10, 2013
NK Jangmadang Walls are Growing Higher
   http://newfocusintl.com/jangmadang-walls-are-growing-higher/ [1594]
In the 1990s, North Korea’s official public distribution system collapsed. In the ensuing famine, North Koreans had to find their own way of obtaining food and making money. This led to the creation of black markets, known as “jangmadang”, throughout North Korea. After several unsuccessful attempts to close down these markets, the government has begrudgingly allowed their existence.
North Koreans have come to be able to buy and sell all that they need in their daily lives through the market system. The range and quality of goods in these markets is becoming higher and higher all the time. As the markets have developed to become increasingly diversified and stratified, the walls enclosing them have become higher. Various refugees who worked in the markets remark how one day they realized that it was no longer possible to look over the fence as a passer-by.
Source: New Focus International

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