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Date : October 7, 2013
A Light Of Hope In The Darkest Place On Earth
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Hye ran away from her husband when she couldn’t stand the beatings anymore. She hides from him now, and manages to see her son only occasionally. Her fate is similar to that of 50,000 other North Korean women currently hiding in China, having all been tricked by human traffickers. But in the midst of this terrible situation, there is hope.
Open Doors, a Christian organization, has trained several people to work with North Korean women in China. These workers provide support to the North Koreans, and teach them about Christianity. As a result, some of the North Koreans have become Christians.
But the cost of faith can be high. A number of these women have been captured in the past few years and repatriated to North Korea. There they are forced to do hard labor in concentration camps. Yet even in the midst of their suffering, some of these women have been able to share the Gospel and bring a light of hope to these dark places.

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