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Date : September 27, 2013
Young Children Mobilized in Production of Drugs
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While the North Korean authorities are increasing the level of pressure on the North Korean populace to earn foreign currency, it has been reported that children have been mobilized to harvest opium sap.
The source in North Hamkyung Province told Open Radio for North Korea in a phone interview on the 23rd, “Early this month, students of some middle schools and universities in Chongjin were mobilized to harvest opium sap in opium farms in Kyongwong, Eunduk, Kilju, and other places. While harvesting the sap, many students frequently fainted because of the extremely bad odor.”
The source also said, “Young children are suffering because the sap stained their skin and clothes. However, teachers and regional executives don’t provide medical treatment, but instead search children’s bodies to find out whether they’re hiding opium or not.”
It is well known that the North Korean authorities mobilize young children in harvesting opium every year during the opium harvest season. The source explained that the reason for using children is that they don’t really hide opium, compared to laborers or housewives.
Also, the source said, “The collected opium is used in producing various poisons, drugs, or ephedrine in the Ranam Pharmaceutical Factory and the Pharmaceutical Factories in Heungnam and Sunchun, as a way of earning foreign currency.”
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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