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Date : September 25, 2013
Abductions by NK Carried Out All Over East Asia
   http://blogs.aljazeera.com/blog/asia/thai-abductees-stuck-north-korea [942]
According to a recent blog entry by a reporter for Al Jazeera, abductions by the North Korean government were carried out in numerous East Asian countries, not just Japan and South Korea.
The reporter spoke to the family of Anocha Panjoy, who spoke of Anocha's mysterious disappearance. In 2005, the family discovered that US defector to North Korea, Charles Jenkins, had spoken about a Thai woman who was a neighbor and close friend to his Japanese abductee wife there. The woman's name was Anocha.
Anocha is believed to have been kidnapped along with two Chinese girls. Charles Jenkins also claims that he met Filipinos and Malaysians who had been abducted by the North Korean authorities.

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