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Date : September 24, 2013
North Korean Laborers Dispatched Overseas are in Poor Condition
   http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/bulletin/2013/09/16/0200000000AKR201309161… [1151]
Yonhap News reported that North Korean laborers dispatched overseas are in extremely poor condition and some laborers are even dying.
The source in Yonhap’s article reported that 8~10 overseas North Korean laborers are living in poor living conditions; without air conditioning or heating and especially laborers in Russia are living in the old Soviet styled apartment or in underground shelters. Early this year, five North Korean laborers in Russia died while they were sleeping, despite their diesel heater being turned on.
Medical treatment for North Korean laborers dispatched overseas when they get injured is not guaranteed and even if they die, executives just sweep it under the rug, the source reported.

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