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Date : September 24, 2013
New Check Card Showcases Excessive Wealth of Few
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/debitcard-09182013154609.html [871]
After North Korean authorities issued a check card, called ‘Narae,’ some children of senior officials have been showing off their wealth with its use, Radio Free Asia reported.
Radio Free Asia’s source in North Korea said that recently, people in Pyongyang frequently use the check card in stores or at restaurants and some children of rich families are using the card to showcase their family’s wealth. The source added that a student of Kim Il Sung University is showing off to friends even though he or she is not buying anything. Children of senior officials usually get around $200 for pocket money and use them at stores or restaurants.
However, farms in North Korea still look like far behind and the use of this check card exacerbates the economic disparity between the rich and the poor.

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