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Date : September 16, 2013
Brand-name Products Popular Among the Rich in NK
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/luxury-09102013094928.html [857]
Recently, brand-name products are becoming popular among the rich in North Korea.
According to a report by Radio Free Asia, brand-name dresses cost $2,000, but people are buying so many of them that the supply is insufficient. With $2,000, one household with four family members can buy food for 3 years. The number of those looking for brand-name products is increasing so much that a luxury shop cannot fill all the orders. At a luxury shop, Chanel stockings are selling for $250, perfume for $300, and Rolex watches cost more than $10,000, the source for Radio Free Asia said.
However, how these brand-name products got into North Korea and how the profits are used remains unknown.

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