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Date : September 10, 2013
Accident and Desertion of NK Army Increasing
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/nk_nuclear_talks/unlaw-090620131018… [839]
Radio Free Asia reported that the North Korean army has become increasingly derelict in its duties since Kim Jong Eun took power.
According to the source, the number of deserters at the end of August was approximately 320,000, double the number of deserters from last year. The North Korean authorities dispatched supervisors in an effort to decrease the number of deserters but desertion is still increasing. The source reports that it is due to a frequent change of commanders. Also, soldiers were mobilized too much in constructing ski resorts and planting grass, causing them to tire and abandon post.
Additionally, several soldiers who were mobilized in constructing trench walls during the rainy season this year are missing or dead.

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