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Date : September 6, 2013
North Korean People Criticizing Planting Grass for Livestock Feed
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The North Korean authorities have put tens of thousands of people to work planting grass for livestock feed in Kangwon Province under the heading ‘The authorities produce various meats for the people.’ However, most people have reacted apathetically to the project. 
The source in Chongjin in North Korea said in a phone interview with Open Radio for North Korea on the 26th of August, “Pig and goat farms that had been promoted on the national level for decades have all been closed without any success.” The source also expressed his curiosity on the effectiveness of planting grass by saying, “A large scale goat farm, which Chongjin citizens were mobilized to construct 10 years ago, was closed without producing any milk.”
The source also added, “According to Kim Jong Il’s policy, in June 2003, tens of thousands of citizens of Chongjin were mobilized in constructing a goat farm for two months, but ultimately it was closed. This was not the first time this kind of incident occurred, as these types of projects have continued since the mid-1950s.”
In the mid-1950s, North Korea constructed numerous pig and goat farms everywhere, based on Kim Il Sung’s and Kim Jong Il’s policy, which stated, “Let’s exchange grass for meat” and “Make the country full of goats”, but every farm has closed without seeing any success.
The source also predicted that this time will be the same as in the past, saying, “The authorities don’t feed pigs or goats with corn or grain but only with grass. So the livestock die from malnutrition, and sanitation during summer is poor so livestock also die from various diseases.”
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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