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Date : August 28, 2013
NK New Actor Was Sent to Coal Mine
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/actor-08262013160525.html [868]
Radio Free Asia reported that a new North Korean actor has been sent to a coal mine because his wife wore a South Korean styled wedding dress at their wedding ceremony.
The actor was Kim Won Il, who appeared in the North Korean drama ‘Class Continues.’ In this drama, his acting was highly rated, so he had a bright future. However, he tried to send a DVD of his wedding to Japan but got caught, so he was sent to ‘The Revolutionization Area.’ At his wedding, his wife wore a South Korean styled wedding dress which caused his wedding to be criticized as ‘capitalistic wedding.’
According to the source of Radio Free Asia, Kim Won Il is from Korean Japanese family so he tried to send the DVD to his relatives in Japan but the DVD was returned to Pyongyang. However, there is no information about how this DVD was returned to North Korea or about which coal mine Kim Won Il has been sent to.

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