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Date : August 21, 2013
New North Korean Actress Disappeared
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/actress-08162013161444.html [1287]
A new North Korean actress, Park Mi Hyang, who was once very popular in North Korea, has been disappeared because of her relative’s actions, Radio Free Asia reported.
Ms. Park played a main character in the movie, ‘A Female Student’s Diary,’ which opened in North Korea in 2006. Kim Jong Il directly managed the production of the movie and made it viewable by the entire North Korean population, so this movie has become very popular in North Korea. Ms. Park entered the spotlight and was expected to have a great future. According to a North Korean source, Ms. Park is a daughter of an executive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so she lived well even before becoming famous. However, his relative, Park Nam Ki, a former director of Planning and Finance Department in Workers’ Party, was purged during the currency reform, so Ms. Park was also punished through guilt by association, and her whereabouts is now unknown. In addition, the North Korean authorities have banned the screening of ‘A Female Student’s Diary.’

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