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Date : August 21, 2013
UN COI Collects Testimonies of Defectors in Public Hearing
   http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2013/08/20/22/0401000000AEN… [994]
On August 20th, the UN led Commission of Inquiry held its first hearing in Seoul on its investigation into the reported human rights abuses of North Korea. Two North Korean defectors spoke at the hearing, including Shin Dong-hyeok (30) whose life has already been documented by a reporter in the book Escape from Camp 14 and a woman named Ji Hyung-a, who spoke specifically about the harsh treatment of women in prison camps. North Korea has so far not answered requests by the Commission to enter the country and verify the accuracy of the defectors’ claims. The Commission will move to Japan on August 27th.

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