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Date : August 20, 2013
NSA’s Strong Restriction on “Defector’s Family”
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The North Korean authorities recently issued a secret order to the National Security Agency which emphasizes severe punishment with a reinvestigation into a defector’s family.
The source in Chongjin in North Hamkyung Province told Open Radio for North Korea through a phone interview on the 13th that, “Early this month, an order of reinvestigation into a defector’s family has been issued, and this order is about complete control and severe punishment for them.”
The source explained, “If the hostile class during the Korean War were people on the South Korean side, the hostile class in the present time are defectors.” The source added, “The authorities were ordered to watch the defector’s family carefully and punish them without mercy if they showed any movement.”
The source said, “Recently, the regional security agency, which received this order, intensively investigated the defector’s family by asking them whether they had relations with the outside, received money, or how many times they went to the border area.” Also, the source explained that the regional security agency ordered neighbors and friends of the defector’s household to report on the daily movement of the defector’s family.
Also, the source explained, “Because of the Kim Kwang Ho family re-defection incident, the Musan Security Agency was messed up as some executives were dismissed. So, this order might be related to this incident.”
Previously, the North Korean authorities labeled a defector’s family as members of the hostile class and banished them to remote areas in the mountains. Also, at the end of last month, the authorities sent a “delegation,” which was composed of agents of the National Security Agency, to China to negotiate the repatriation of Kim Kwang Ho and his family, who had re-escaped from North Korea.
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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