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Date : August 20, 2013
North Korea Gets Serious Damage from Heavy Rain
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While damage from flooding in the northern region of North Korea continues to be seen, the Samsoo, Kimjongsook, and Neppyong regions in Hyesan, Yangkang Province were also heavily damaged by flooding.
According to a source of Open Radio for North Korea, on the 7th, approximately 500 houses were swept away by water and more than half of the population (42,000) was damaged in the Kimjongsook region.
However, the authorities didn’t provide recovery measures, so many people are temporarily staying in school classrooms, thrashing floors of farms, propaganda rooms, etc., and some people are even staying in the mountains.
According to the previous reports, North and South Pyongan Province, Kangwon Province, and South Hamkyung Province were damaged from heavy rain, and in Anju City, 80% of the city was underwater as the Cheong-cheon River rose. Also, the International Federation of the Red Cross claimed that 45,000 people are victims and 28 people have died from this heavy rain in North Korea.
According to the source, Wonsan City in Kangwon Province, where there is high precipitation, was extremely damaged from this heavy rain. Specifically, the region near the construction site of the Masikryung Ski Resort, which Kim Jong Eun ordered, was greatly damaged due to irresponsible reclamation. However, the North Korean authorities don’t report on the damages in this region, because it might hurt Kim Jong Eun’s reputation.
Also, the source explained that the present condition of damage from heavy rain this summer is much worse than people know, because the authorities have only reported on a portion of the damage.
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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