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Date : August 13, 2013
NK Young Agents for Hunting Defectors
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North Korea has begun to bolster efforts to capture and repatriate defectors in northeastern China. The responsibility of tracking down defectors has recently been transferred from the National Security Agency (NSA) to the General Bureau of Reconnaissance (GBR).

In February, North Korean authorities dispatched NSA personnel to seek out defectors on the Chinese public transport network. GBR personnel have begun employing different tactics, such as operating in areas where defectors are often trafficked. Acting as if they are also defectors wishing to head to South Korea, “they hid their identity” in order to come into contact with legitimate defectors “until the last minute” where they arrest and forcibly repatriate said defectors. Families are also being used as bait to lure defectors back to the North.

Source: Daily NK

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