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Date : July 15, 2013
Women Put to Work to Improve Hyesan
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The North Korean government has mobilized members of the Chosun Union of Democratic Women to improve the appearance of Hyesan, a major city in Yangkang Province and the nearest hub to Samjiyeon, the official hometown of Kim Jong Il. Because this work is pertaining to the hometown of Kim Jong Il, and because it began on the orders of Kim Jong Eun himself, workers know that they need to avoid making any mistakes.
However, the work of improving Hyesan isn't easy. It involves demolishing old homes, repairing existing buildings, tending to roads, and planting trees and grass. The trees must meet a certain standard, the buildings next to roads must be painted a particular color, one-story homes have to be painted white on the chimneys, and the window frames must all be the same color. Because much of the work depends on manpower alone, progress is slow and dissatisfaction at the manual labor is growing.
Source: Daily NK

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