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Date : June 19, 2013
Pig Pasture in Daehongdan Has Closed
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The North Korean authorities recently ordered the closing of all pig pastures in Daehongdan, which was Kim Jong Il’s administrative achievement, because of extreme food shortage.
On the 13th, an official of the Rural Management Committee in Yangkang Province reported to Open Radio for North Korea through a phone interview that pig pastures in Daehongdan that had been maintained nationally, were ordered to be closed by the North Korean authorities because of the extreme food shortage.
The source said, “The food situation has been extreme because of the drought and flooding that occurred last year, so everyone was mobilized to repair the damage. As a result, they did not have time to take care of the pig pastures. The source also added, “The pastures have started to close progressively since last October, and all pastures closed in this spring food-short season.”
It seems that the because of the food shortage, authorities were unable to feed the pigs, and military executive members and officials in charge of the pastures took food that actually had been distributed to manager of the pasture. The source said that pigs had been feed by food waste that came out from workers’ houses or grass from mountains.
According to the source, North Korean people welcomed the closing of the pastures. People have been saying that most products from pig pastures went to executive members and it was wrong to feed pigs during food shortage. The source also added that many people were criticizing Rural Management Committee, which had forced them to operate pig pastures.
Meanwhile, the Rural Management Committee released an evaluation that stated that the decision to start the pig pastures, which had frequently appeared in record movies and art movies by Kim Jong Il’s order, was right but poor management of the pastures was the cause of their failures. So far, no one has been punished.
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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