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Date : June 19, 2013
North Korea Distributes Pork to People
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/food_international_org/pork-0614201… [964]
Recently, North Korean people in some regions have been receiving pork regularly, Radio Free Asia reported on the 14th.
One source of Radio Free Asia reported that pork that is produced by ‘Hoiryeong Pork Ranch’ has been distributed to people in Hoiryeong and Daeheungdan since last February. Established in September 2011, ‘Hoiryeong Pork Ranch’ has the best modern facilities in North Korea. The source added that 1kg of pork from this ranch is distributed to people monthly, and the price of 1kg of this pork is 300 won in North Korean currency. This is much cheaper than the pork that is sold in black market, which is 5,500 won for 1kg.
However, the source added that it is much more important to normalize food distribution than distribute pork to only some people. Furthermore, it has already been documented that North Korean people are complaining about the fact that the authorities use 1.2kg of corn for the pigs’ feed. 

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