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Date : June 12, 2013
9 Defector Children Become a Tool for North Korea’s Propaganda
   http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2013/06/10/1801000000AKR2013061… [1484]
The North Korean authorities filmed the daily lives of the 9 defector children who were repatriated to North Korea from Laos, and it seems they will use it for propaganda for their system, Yonhap News reported on the 11th.
According to a North Korea source, the North Korean media filmed these children visiting Daesungsan Amusement Park and Neungra Theme Park. However, analysis suggests that the North Korean authorities intentionally directed and filmed these children’s “normal” lives to use for propaganda externally. The North Korean authorities, who are aware of the international society’s concern about overall North Korean human rights issues, including these 9 children’s safety, will continuously use them for propaganda, and it is highly possible that the authorities will hold a press interview with these 9 children.

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