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Date : June 10, 2013
North Korea Has Almost Overcome Its Food Shortage
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/food_international_org/foodshortage… [826]
According to Radio Free Asia, the food shortage in North Korea this year has almost been solved because the North Korean regime opened and distributed its war reserve stocks.
Radio Free Asia’s various sources in North Korea reported that many people used to die from hunger during March and April in past years, however, this year, they didn’t hear about people dying from hunger during that time period. The sources added that it is mainly because the Kim Jong Eun regime opened the #2 Storage and distributed war reserve stocks to the people. Even if the food in the #2 Storage runs out, the food price won’t increase that much since vegetables, potatoes, rye, etc. were cultivated recently, the source said.
However, the North Korean regime shows the world poor orphanages in order to convince the international society that North Koreans are suffering from chronic malnutrition and need food aid. According to the source, malnutrition in places where people live together, such as orphanages and in the army, is inevitably common since people who have power take food from them.

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