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Date : June 10, 2013
New Generation of Defectors Expose North Korean Abuses
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There are nearly 25,000 North Korean defectors in South Korea, and most of them live quiet lives and have menial jobs. But a handful of defectors have chosen to speak out against North Korea's human rights abuses, making headlines all over the world.

Shin Dong-hyuk, the most well-known North Korean defector, was the subject of a bestselling book, and has spoken to media organizations around the world about his life. Hyeonseo Lee wowed the audience at this year's TED Conference, and spoke at Open Radio for North Korea's International Street Talk Concert during this year's North Korea Freedom Week. Other lesser-known defectors have also been telling their stories and voicing their disapproval of the North Korean government.

While most older defectors are wary of sharing their stories and openly criticizing the North Korean regime, many younger defectors feel a kind of social responsibility to speak out to improve human rights for their people.

Source: Chicago Tribune / Reuters

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