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Date : June 4, 2013
North Korea’s Big Hearted Politics. Defectors Return to North Korea?
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While the news of the 9 defector children that were repatriated to North Korea from Laos is capturing social interest and concern, the North Korean authorities are organizing lectures which propagate that defectors are returning to North Korea because of Kim Jong Eun’s “big hearted politics.” This news is also catching people’s attentions.
Open Radio for North Korea’s source in Yangkang Province reported on the 29th that the North Korean government is recently holding lectures on a large scale in factories and people’s unit’s meetings and propagating and teaching people about Kim Jong Eun’s “big hearted politics”.
The source said, “In the lecture, the regime insists that according to Kim Jong Eun’s ‘big hearted compassion’, citizens must follow this policy: “Don’t ask defectors, who betrayed and escaped the nation, about their guilt, because defectors are returning to the country.” The source further reported that the regime emphasizes that there are more defectors returning to the country than those that are publicly known to media.
The source delivered that the regime emphasized Kim Jong Eun’s “big hearted politics” by relating the case of an editor at Chosun People’s Army Publishing House who was arrested by the National Security Agency because he was complaining about North Korea’s economic situation and current state in public. He was acquitted because Kim Jong Eun said, “There is no problem in his ideology, but he just complained without thinking because of his hard life, so don’t punish him.”
An editor at Chosun People’s Army Publishing House was arrested by the National Security Agency and was preliminarily investigated for around 6 months; however, after he was released because of Kim Jong Eun’s compassion, he has been praising Kim Jong Eun’s “big hearted politics” by participating in various lectures, according to the source. The source said that this is the third lecture with these contents, continuing from the lectures that were held last January 26th and April 13th.
The source also related that North Korean people, who attended the lecture, doubt the regime’s continued mercy towards political criminals because they are saying things like, “This is just a model case, and the editor was just lucky, but this will not be repeated again.” If the policy towards defectors changes, many think, it will be by chance, not any overall change in the regime.
According to a correspondent, agents have recently been looking for a family of a missing person and emphasizing “big hearted politics” as the motivation behind the search, and some people, who were detained because they called people in China or South Korea by phone, were released without any secret dealing.
The idea that the regime may not sincere in this policy change is supported by a report by New Focus. According to them, by Kim Jong Eun’s order, the North Korean authorities recently increased agents sent abroad to make defectors return from 300 to 3,000 and they have started forming strategies on how to make defectors return on a large scale.  
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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