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Date : June 4, 2013
Kim Jong Eun Orders Better Care of Orphans
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Radio Free Asia has reported that Kim Jong Eun recently passed orders for the improvement of care of orphaned soldiers and party members.

During the March of Tribulation, many children lost their parents and became orphans. So, the Kim Jong Il regime sent all the victims to join the army. After they were discharged from military, they receive prejudice against them when it comes to work opportunities.

Orphaned party members cannot be promoted to be executive members of the party, military, or law enforcement agency. However, since Kim Jong Eun changed the rules, orphaned people can be promoted only to executive members of the administration. One source said that the Kim Jong Eun regime should not have limited those orphaned people’s promotion to the administration level, if the regime really wanted to treat them without bias.

Source: Radio Free Asia

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