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Date : May 30, 2013
North Korean Soldier Shot to Death
   http://english.nkradio.org/link/north-korean-soldier-was-shot-to-death [776]
Open Radio for North Korea’s source in Pyongyang sent word that a soldier in his 20s was publicly executed by firing squad on April 24th. It has been speculated that the soldier was from a military base in Kangdong in Pyongyang. He was executed by firing squad because he shot four civilians and one agent.
According to the source, the four people included a soldier, owner, and merchants that helped illegal trucks enter Pyongyang through the Pyongsung-Dongbuk route. Passing the guard posts by that route seemed too difficult, so the trucks being assisted turned to Kangdong, where the military base is located. It was there that they were shot.
After they were caught by soldiers, they were unable to pay the bribe they originally promised. The soldier could not control his anger, so he shot the four merchants and one agent. The two merchants and the agent died instantly, and the other two merchants died on their way to hospital.
Even though the soldier ran away after he killed five people, military forces in Pyongyang were on alert at Kim Jong Eun’s order, so the soldier was caught within one week.
Regarding his public execution, the source said, “Since he killed 5 people, he needed to pay for it. However, if the military had provided enough food to soldiers, the soldier would not have tried to earn money and this incident would have never happened.” The source also added that many citizens in Pyongyang are complaining about the North Korean government because it is not providing food to soldiers who protect the nation.
It is known that the soldier, who was publicly executed, was in his 20s and served in the military in Kangdong. However, what kind of soldier he was and his military unit is still unknown. Since he possessed a weapon with bullets, it is suggested that he could have been a soldier tasked with carrying military products.

Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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