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Date : May 28, 2013
Young and Old Alike Toil in the Rice Fields
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It's that time of year again: the rice planting season. For this season, the North Korean government mobilizes the entire population to work on the farms. Soldiers, university, senior middle, and even elementary school students are called into action. Young and old alike toil in the rice fields. Everyone must do their part.

The rice planting season is usually the busiest time of year in North Korea, and this year is no different. What is different is the amount of elementary school students called in to help with the work. In the past, elementary school students have been sent out to the fields, but rarely have they been sent out in such numbers as they have been this year.

These students start their work at 9:00am, while everyone else must head for the fields at 4:00am. They work late into the night. Schools, factories, and official markets are temporarily closed, as everyone is expected to do their agricultural duty. For most, "the agricultural mobilization period is like hell".
Source: Daily NK

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