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Date : May 22, 2013
North Koreans Sent to Prison Camps for Religious Reasons
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/human_rights_defector/religion-0520… [876]
Radio Free Asia reported that the U.S. State Department indicated in their report, “2012 International Religious Freedom Report,” that the North Korean authorities send citizens to political prison camps for religious reasons.
Even though North Korea allows freedom of religion based on their law and policies, the regime actually controls religious groups and individual’s religious activities. The report shows that North Korean people, who are detained because of religious activities or contact with foreign missionaries, receive severe punishments. Thus, the U.S. State Department has emphasized in the report that the North Korean authorities completely oppress people’s freedom of religious belief.
Due to this, John Kerry, the State Secretary, said that North Korea's control of freedom of religion harms the nation’s stability.
Source: Radio Free Asia

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