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Date : May 21, 2013
North Korea is Recruiting Citizens to Export to China
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According to an Open Radio for North Korea source in Shineuiju on the 15th, “The regime is recruiting people to export to China in order to annually raise $200,000,000” This means that even during the war tensions created by the nuke test and rocket launch, the recruiting of citizens has continued.
The source said, “People, who can manage a tailor shop or can sew in malls, can be recruited. However, the North Korean authorities are inspecting not only the personal backgrounds of applicants, but also the class of family, so it is hard to be chosen.”
In the case of those people who have a family member who has defected or disappeared, and those with relatives in China, the person is excluded from applying. Thus, there are not many people who are eligible to be applicants, the source added.
The source said, “Chinese business owners currently pay 1,000~1,200 Yuan to North Korean workers for wages. However, workers actually get around 400~500 Yuan from North Korean officials.” The source added, “North Korean workers in North Korea get 2~3 Yuan for their wages, so many people are applying to work abroad.”
The source said, “Although the North Korean government and Party take the majority of wages from workers abroad, people think that living abroad is better than living in North Korea, so there is an increasing number of people applying for the jobs.”
The source also reported that, “Since earning money in North Korea is hard, there are many applicants, who are trying to work abroad again or who are trying to go for the first time. Also, people expect manpower exports to be increased when tension with China ends.”
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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