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Date : May 14, 2013
Everything in Pyongyang is a Tool for Propagation
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Open Radio for North Korea’s source in Pyongyang delivered a message on the 7th that said, “Convenience facilities were built in Pyongyang, however, it is operating only for propagation to unite under the North Korean system.”
The source said, “Only high ranking officials or the rich enjoy the facilities and general citizens cannot go due to an expensive admittance price. So people’s complaints are increasing.”
Also, the source described the current situation by saying, “The Korean Central News Agency introduced welfare facilities including a recently built hall, however, since only foreigners or people who are organized by the Party for meeting can use them, general citizens cannot even pass in front of the door.”
The source also added, “In almost every restaurant in Pyongyang, more than 90% customers are from an organized group and the rests are people who receive meal tickets from their region’s or town’s office.”
The source explained, “General people, who receive meal tickets for famous restaurants, don’t use them rather they sell their tickets for 10 times the value and buy rice, corn, noodles, etc. for their family.”
For expensive convenient welfare facilities, the North Korean people are complaining that, “How can people enjoy time drinking coffee or tea while the food problem has not been solved.” The source added, “the North Korean people are saying that everything in Pyongyang is for the privileged class and for the rich and at the same time for propagation.” 

Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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