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Date : May 8, 2013
North Korea Shifts Blame For Food Problems
   http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01700&num=10547 [922]
According to a recent news article by the Daily NK, the North Korean regime is attempting to evade responsibility for issues of food insecurity in the country, describing the problem of access to food as a global threat rather than a domestic concern. Furthermore, they are blaming this global threat on the actions of foreign powers.
North Korea has been a chronically malnourished country ever since the famine of the 1990s, when an estimated one million people died of starvation. At the peak of the famine, the North Korean regime requested food aid from the international community, but it continually hindered all attempts to verify that the aid was actually reaching those most in need. The country continues to receive aid from the U.N. World Food Programme. Meanwhile, the regime, rather than spending its money to purchase food on the international market, continues to spend it on weapons under its military-first policy.
Source: Daily NK

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