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Date : April 25, 2013
Trust in the Regime is Crumbling
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The regime is finding it harder to indoctrinate people through public lectures as belief in the North Korean system continues to crumble, according to the Daily NK.

The Daily NK reported that the cadres delivering the lectures to citizens are finding it harder to get their message across as North Koreans are becoming increasingly more skeptical about the regime's governance. This skepticism is particularly noticeable whenever the topic of improving the lives of citizens is broached.

One source, a junior cadre in Yangkang Province, told the Daily NK that the regime is using lectures to control people's actions during the recent tensions. However, the people attending the lectures are showing signs of complete disinterest.

The cadres, the source said, are finding it difficult to face the public when giving these lectures. The source said that the cadres feel apprehensive before giving lectures because they know what people's reactions will be.

Source: Daily NK

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