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Date : April 20, 2013
Kaesong Closure Leading to Hardship
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According to Radio Free Asia, North Korean people are paying close attention to the closure of Kaesong Industrial Region because it influences the availability of products and prices.

A North Korean defector, who just escaped to China, said that since the closure of Kaesong, it is hard to buy South Korean products, and the price of them has increased. Also, he added that North Korean people, who sell South Korean products in the black markets, and factory workers in Kaesong are experiencing hardship.

However, a Chinese trader said it is a great opportunity for Chinese traders who sell products to North Korea because they no longer have to compete with South Korean products, which were produced in Kaesong.

Many Chinese entrepreneurs are also cautious about doing business in North Korea since the situation there is unpredictable and unstable.

Source: Radio Free Asia

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