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Date : April 14, 2013
Rations to be Normalized from September
   http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=10487 [843]
The regime has announced that state-distributed rations are to be normalized from September, according to the Daily NK. The reports, however, have been met by doubts from citizens.

A source told the Daily NK that the regime announced that as the country had attained the status of a nuclear-possessing state, the state would start providing rations to work units. The source believes that the rice will come from reserves held for times of war.

The announcement has impacted on rice prices with the cost decreasing. For example, rice prices in Musan have dropped to 6,000 won per kilo.

Even with the announcement, previous failed pledges to normalize rations have made citizens doubt the claims.

Source: Daily NK

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