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Date : March 12, 2013
U.S. Welcomes Darusman's Report
   http://geneva.usmission.gov/2013/03/11/dprk/ [872]
U.S.A's Special Envoy for North Korea Human Rights Issues, Ambassador Robert King, has responded publicly to Marzuki Darusman's report on human rights in North Korea delivered recently at the 22nd session of the UN Human Rights Council. In a press conference in Geneva, the Ambassador said that the U.S. welcomes Darusman's call for a probe into human rights violations in North Korea.
Ambassador King said that it was regrettable that, "the government of the DPRK continues to bar the Special Rapporteur from visiting the country to fulfill his mandate and observe and assess the human rights situation objectively.  We hope the DPRK will consider engaging directly with Mr. Darusman, and with members of the Commission of Inquiry.  We also hope the DPRK will recognize the benefits of cooperating with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other thematic special rapporteurs, for assistance on how to best implement international human rights mechanisms."
He went on to say that, "We are deeply concerned by and agree with the Special Rapporteur’s assessment that the DPRK has taken no steps to address the systematic and widespread human rights violations in the country."
In direct response to the report delivered at the Human Rights Council, Ambassador King said, "We would welcome recommendations for first steps the DPRK could take to begin a process toward human rights reform.  In addition, we would welcome recommendations for how the international community could increase pressure, work with the DPRK, and encourage human rights reform."
Source: U.S. Mission in Geneva

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