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Date : March 4, 2013
General Citizens Unable to Attend Big Event
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Rodong Shinmun reported on the 1st that citizens of Pyongyang attended the basketball game watched by Kim Jong Eun and Dennis Rodman, a former NBA superstar. However, many defectors said that the Rodong Shinmun’s version of events is hard to believe since the only big events which Kim Jong Eun goes to that general people can attend are military parades.
Rodong Shinmun stated that “Pyongyang citizens from various classes, who like sports, came to the Ryu Kyung-Cheong Ju Young Gymnasium to watch the basketball game.” Due to this claim, a high ranking defector said, “It is impossible for citizens, whose ideology, loyalty, and family are not verified, to enter a ‘No. 1 Event,’ which Kim Jong Eun attends, since the North Korean system prioritizes the security of the Supreme Leader.”
The defector also said, “There were many people that wore similar clothes to Kim Jong Eun at the game. They all are agents of the National Security Agency and cadres of the Party and Cabinet.” He added, “Some people, who wore ties, are sports workers.”
He added, “The clothes that are similar to Kim Jong Eun’s are called ‘Zmer in North Korea.’ This shows that people, who attended this game, are being used to support ‘No. 1 Event’.”
According to defectors, agents and executive members of the safety forces, military and party wear either full-dress uniform or plain clothes (Zmeri) according to different situations. When they are mobilized for ‘No. 1 Events’, people wear plain clothes.
When ‘the 19th April Spring Friendship Art Festival’ was held in Pyongyang in April 2001, people’s movement around Hamheung Theater was prohibited since Kim Jong Il attended that event. It was known that Kim Jong Il mobilized agents and executive members of the Party and Party by express train or bus to organize this event. He also moved residents from tall apartment complexes around the theater to low places during the event.
A defector from Hamheung said, “People can do unforeseen actions, so the regime completely controls the surroundings of a ‘No. 1 Event’.” He explained, “Around around the area, there are many guards and passages are completely blocked.”
This defector added, “Kim Jong Eun strengthened his security levels to more than those experienced during Kim Jong Il’s reign.” He also added, “By knowing this style of security, it is impossible that the regime allowed general citizens to attend the basketball game.”
Source: Daily NK

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