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Date : February 20, 2013
Canada Shows its Support for a UN COI
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/human_rights_defector/canadahr-0219… [827]
The Canadian government has announced its support to establish a UN COI into crimes against humanity in North Korea according to Radio Free Asia.
Lee Kyung Bok, the president of the Council for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK Canada), an ICNK member organization, said to RFA that Deepak Obhrai, the Parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced the Canadian’s support of a UN COI into North Korea at the Canadian Parliament last weekend.
HRNK Canada kept informing the government of the urgency for the need of establishing a COI. They finally got official support from the government last weekend. Lee said the North Korean regime’s recent nuclear test might have affected the Canadian government’s decision. He also added that Canada’s support will influence other member states to back a COI.
Source: Radio Free Asia

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