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Date : February 16, 2013
Possibility of Mobilization of Prisoners for Nuke Test Raised
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According to No Fence, the Japanese North Korean human rights organization, there is a high possibility that North Korean political prisoners were mobilized to dig tunnels for the recent nuclear test and then killed.

Song Yoon Bok, the secretary general of No Fence, insisted that prisoners of Hwasung Kwanliso, which is near the recent nuke test site, were mobilized to dig tunnels for the third nuclear test in Punggye-ri. It has become known that the North Korean authorities moved prisoners of Hoiryung Prison to Hwasung Kwanliso between last March and June. Song said that a source in North Korea recently went to Hwasung Kwanliso and saw no one there. As a result, Song analyzed the situation as meaning that prisoners of Hwasung Kwanliso were mobilized for the nuclear test and then killed by the authorities for security purposes.

Source: Chosun Ilbo

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