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Date : February 14, 2013
Easing of North Korea’s Guilt by Association Punishment
   http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2013/02/12/1801000000AKR2013021… [1481]
According to Yonhap News, Kim Jong Eun has given the order to ease the punishments given to those that might usually be affected by the guilt by association system.
One Yonhap source stated that there are an increasing number of cases where family or relatives of defectors, who escaped to South Korea, are not banished to other regions. The source added that although Kim Jong Eun treats senior officials strictly to maintain power, he continues to be people-friendly to get support from citizens. It also seems that families of people, who commit crimes inside North Korea, are not receiving punishment because of guilt by association.
This change in North Korea has been assessed as meaning that Kim Jong Eun is trying to get support from the people for strengthening the system.
Source: Yonhap News

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