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Date : February 13, 2013
Citizens Failing to Receive Rations
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A recent report by Radio Free Asia has exposed how North Korean citizens are not receiving rations from food aid. The exposé contradicts reports released by the World Food Programme (WFP) about their efforts to distribute aid.
The WFP stated that the North Korean authorities distributed 400g of food daily to North Korean people during the last month. However, sources in North Korea strongly disagreed with these claims. One source said that the authorities are only providing food rations to Samjiyeon in Yangkang Province, Hoiryoung in North Hamgyeong Province, Hyangsang in North Pyongan Province, and to the military, party leaders, state agencies, and laborers. Other than that, regular people are not being given food from the distribution, the source added.
Sources in North Korea showed extreme distrust and worry about the WFP delivering wrong information to the international community by being fooled by the North Korean authories’ propaganda.
Source: Radio Free Asia

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