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Date : February 6, 2013
"Aprok River" Causes a Stir in North Korea
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/yaluriver-01312013091355.html [1037]
According to Radio Free Asia, the Chinese novel, "Aprok River," which is about the Korean War, is spreading rapidly in North Korea, and it is stirring up controversy among North Korean college students and intellectuals.
"Aprok River" features the news that Kim Il Sung led the invading force in the Korean War. The novel also discusses how China and the U.S participated on their respective allies' side. Due to the novel’s popularity, the North Korean government is attempting to control the situation by saying that the Chinese writer distorted history.
A source in North Korea said that this book has been spread via e-book format since last fall, and it was popular among students and intellectuals.
According to a source, North Korean people, who read this book, also said that there are not any truths in the history they have learned in North Korea.
Source: Radio Free Asia

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