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Date : February 6, 2013
Cell Phones Aiding the Spread of Information
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/cellphone-02012013162245.html [1090]
As the number of cell phone users in North Korea is increasing, information is spreading rapidly in North Korea.
According to Radio Free Asia, the number of cell phone users in North Korea has topped 1,500,000, and thus cell phones have becomes the main means of information delivery. A source in North Korea informed RFA that recently people not only in Pyeongyang but also in many regions can call each other through cell phones.
However, because of the spread of information by cell phone, merchants cannot earn a lot of money. One merchant said that business information is spreading too fast so it is hard to earn as much money as before. Also, these days, prices in every region are almost the same.
Even though the number of cell phone users is increasing in North Korea, many people in agricultural regions still cannot purchase one because of the high cost.
Source: Radio Free Asia

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