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Date : February 3, 2013
Overseas Officials Being Redeployed
   http://www.rfa.org/english/news/korea/officials-01302013173409.html [1325]

Chinese trade sources have told RFA that North Korean trade officials are being redeployed to previous and other assignments in China in an unparalleled step by the authorities.

Officials sent overseas would usually serve only one term in a country. There have been no reasons given for the change in policy for those serving in China, but it has been speculated that either requests from staff based in China to Pyongyang to stay in their current roles or the regime trying to utilize the experienced staff to continue building relations are the reasons for the about-turn.

One Chinese merchant stated that a North Korean he knew had been posted to Dandong for five years. After returning to North Korea, the official has been re-posted to Beijing. The merchant indicated that this was the first time he had seen any officials being returned to posts in China after previously serving in the country.

Overseas postings are highly desired positions for North Korean citizens due to the access to foreign goods, cash and lifestyles that would be difficult to match back home.

Source: Radio Free Asia

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