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Date : January 28, 2013
Desertions Rapidly Increasing
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/soldiers-01242013091735.html [1018]
According to Radio Free Asia, the number of North Korean soldiers running away from the military because of hunger and cold is increasing. Thus, North Korean authorities are strengthening their attempts to locate deserters.
A source from North Hamkyung Province reported that inspectors are examining the documentation of soldiers and strangers in main stations and markets.
The source said that firewood and food are insufficient in the military, so soldiers are suffering severely from hunger and the cold. General soldiers’ food rations consist of 30% rice and 70% corn for their food. However, military officers are taking their underlings’ rice, so soldiers are actually only eating corn for meals.
Soldiers are going to mountains to get firewood without eating sufficiently, so it is hard to endure military life, the source added.
Source: Radio Free Asia

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