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Date : January 22, 2013
Regime Requires Citizens to Assist in State Projects
   http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=10247 [1183]
Citizens in North Korea are having pressure applied on them by the regime to help in the development of new state projects. Since the start of the year, citizens have been asked to collect manure and scrap metal.

A source told the Daily NK on the 20
th that "The authorities started harassing us with the manure collection project on the morning of New Year’s Day, and now they are pushing us to collect scrap metal." Citizens have been asked to retrieve 10kgs of scrap metal and one ton of manure.

Understandably, citizens are unhappy with some complaining that "they’ll even have to give up their rice pots." The source told the Daily NK that citizens are unhappy with the amount of non-tax payments that are being required from them by the regime.

The requirement of collecting items is being borne by everyone; schools, peoples' units, factories, and so forth have all been asked to participate, according to the source. Unfortunately, this requirement is leading to pilfering from factories and anywhere else items can be obtained.

The source said that, "Cadres from factory enterprises end up going to scrap metal merchants to try and find stuff from their factories that disappears and ends up there, and the two sides end up fighting over it."

Source: Daily NK

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