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Date : January 15, 2013
Ban on Female Cyclists Reintroduced
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Females have been banned again from riding on bicycles, a source based in North Hamkyung province has told the Daily NK on the 14th. The original ban was reported introduced due to the death of a high ranking official's daughter while cycling. The reintroduction of the ban overturns last year's decision to abolish the ban.

The reintroduction of the ban is being enforced as public security agents are patrolling for violators. Not only has the ban stopped females from riding bicycles, but it has prohibited them from riding on the backs of bicycles.

Previously, females in violation of the law were fined up to 5,000 won. The source told the Daily NK that this has changed. Those violating the law now have their bicycles confiscated. Understandably, this punishment has not gone down well with citizens.

Bicycles are an important means of transportation in North Korea. The ownership of cars is largely restricted to the wealthy. It is expected that the ban will have an impact on markets where transportation of goods on bikes is so common.

The Daily NK source said that, "women can not only go to and from the markets on them, they can also give their children lifts and carry as much as 50 or 60kg." The bikes were also used to carry daily catches of squid inland.

Source: Daily NK

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