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Date : January 15, 2013
Reports of Prisoner Amnesty for Kim Jong Il's Birthday
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Kim Jong Il's birthday on the 16th of February is supposedly, as part of the celebrations, going to feature prisoner amnesties, the Daily NK has reported.

A source based in North Hamkyung province told the Daily NK on the 13th that during lectures on the 11th in the workplace citizens were informed that, "criminals will be released thanks to the loving care of Marshal Kim Jong Eun."

It has been suggested that the number of amnesties granted will be similar to those granted during the celebrations of Kim Il Sung's 100th birthday and Kim Jong Il's 80th. This means that potentially tens of thousands could be released. It was reported around the two previous celebrations that tens of thousands were released, but the regime never confirmed the numbers released.

It is likely that the prisoners released will be those that have been through re-education programs. Unusually, however, the source reported that, “There have been separate orders delivered to big factories near some camps, telling them to ‘get ready with buses and trucks,’ with the point being to deliver the released prisoners to their home regions or nearby railway stations." This is an unusual occurrence.

There are some potential problems ahead with the amnesty move. The source said that, "People have turned 180 degrees, and don’t think how they used to. Now, they evaluate the leader according to how well they are living. Nobody is going to laud them just for releasing prisoners if prices keep rising and state distribution doesn’t come along at the same time."

Source: Daily NK

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