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Date : January 7, 2013
Kim Jong Eun's Birthday used to Strengthen Power
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Kim Jong Eun's birthday has been the focus of solidifying his grip on power, Yonhap News has reported.

The birthdays of the Kim ruling dynasty have usually been a time of celebration in North Korea. North Korean children have often been the beneficiaries of these celebrations by receiving candy and other treats. It seems that this form of celebration has continued under Kim Jong Eun.

Each kindergarten and elementary school student in the country has received some candy from the state as a gift ahead of Kim Jong Eun's birthday.

The KCNA have reported on the story by saying that the children accepted the gifts and embraced Kim Jong Eun's love.

The delivery of some of the gifts was hampered by weather conditions on the west coast. The islands off the west coast were cut off because of the icy conditions. Workers are said to have been mobilized to fly to the islands to ensure that each child receives their gift. KNCA reported that the children on the islands were full of admiration for Kim Jong Eun and that they chanted about outside enemies.

Cho Bong Hyeon, of the IBK Economic Research Institute, told Yonhap News that the reason for the regime giving gifts was to ensure loyalty from children and young people to Kim Jong Eun due to the weak power basis for the new regime.

Source: Yonhap News

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